On the Eve: A Plea



It’s fast upon us now, the Vote that will lead us to chaos or keep us (though with dependably violent after-shocks) on the side of civilization.  A friend from England emailed me that the rest of the world really should be entitled to vote in the American election, since it affects the entire world.  And so it does.

The orange blob is the greatest menace of my lifetime.  Or, to be low-keyed about it, just think of what 4 Supreme Court appointees by Trump would do.  Revoke Roe v. Wade to start, then maybe Brown v. the Board of education. . .  who knows? Declaring certain kinds of people (gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, migrants, Hispanics) non-people, which is the greatest argument since slavery.  In fact, it WAS the argument for slavery, as it was for the Holocaust.  If you declare some citizens to be monkeys, they will not have human rights.  Logic is clear, though I am not sure the word logic or any other derivation of Logos, the word (as in: In the beginning was the Word) should even be brought up when mentioning the orange blob, since logic, facts, history and even what he said a minute ago hold no validity to an ever-changing, vacuous, self-regarding brain no larger than the smallest of his famously small fingers.

In short, we must slay the monster.

VOTE!!!! And whether you like Hillary, can’t stand her, were/are a Bernie person or favored her over Obama, doesn’t matter anymore.  Third party candidates mean a throwaway vote. So do write-ins.  Those kind of votes are only of interest to very young people determined above all else to show they have a mind of their own.  Minds don’t matter right now; in fact, not even politics matter right now.  And if you’re in a “safe” state, vote anyway.  The popular vote is extremely important, since we know that if Blob don’t make it, he’ll be contesting everything.  Yesterday the chant in New Hampshire went from Lock her Up!  to Execute her! – a wonderful throwback to the days of Stalin, via Putin, via Blob.   And my last-minute hope was dashed two days ago, when the woman raped by Blob at the age of 13 refused to testify because of all the death threats.  Surely, I thought, remembering my years working in prisons, a child rapist is the lowest of the low, and even the prison population attacks such a criminal.  Maybe, I thought, all those crackers would finally turn away in disgust.

My husband Michael and I voted already, absentee ballots since we can’t get to the polls, he needing oxygen and my cancer becoming more demanding.  We’re on our way out, but please, everybody who can do anything about it, keep this country, this world and this planet alive.  Vote!!!


7 thoughts on “On the Eve: A Plea”

  1. Oh wow, this is a clarion call and a half. I soooo wish I could vote, from the UK, and I join you in urging anyone who can to vote Clinton. Your arguments are right. This is an emergency. How can it have come to this? We watch in bemusement and horror. There’s little else to think about. You are brave and brilliant, and have vision, Goddess Perutz!

  2. I am, and have been working for Hillary to become president. I see only one clear choice for all the reasons you have mentioned. At the very least, we need a decent human being to hold that office or the world will pay the price. Thanks for this — well said!!

  3. I’m a lifelong Democrat and son of two Democratic delegates to the state convention in Massachusetts, so you bet I’m voting. Let’s bury the bastard and all he represents tomorrow.
    This is the ‘last chance’ election for uneducated Red State white men. Let’s never give them another chance.

    And in the aftermath, let us not seek reconciliation. That’s for people with amnesia. The South lost the Civil War. Democrats have to stop being inclusive and reasonable for once and just tell the morons what’s what for once.

  4. Kathy,
    thank you for A Plea! Today we all pray for all of you in the US! All’s well that ends well is what we want to believe!
    I have walked about the streets of Helsinki smiling to myself because your previous Time For One More with Bill Clinton made me look and smile as I encounter men watching them all with new eyes, THANK YOU! I am sure I’ll be a happier person as I look more closely at the me3n I encounter…
    On the way to Stockholm onboard the Viking Line in a few hours’ time with a group of member of the Kammarteatern, we will all follow what is happening over there. The goal of the trip is Macbeth with Mikael Persbrandt in the lead and I have just finished reading the play once again as it will help me to hear what is said on the stage.
    Love and support in the distance to all of you from the Finnish capital covered in snow, Eli

    1. Thank you! We are in a state of suspended animation, not daring to hope, not daring NOT to hope.
      If only we all lived in Finland!

  5. As ever, incisive analysis and a burning passion — I hope those with a vote have heard your call. The world is on tenterhooks tonight.

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